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About Us

A client jumping

"The practice is built entirely for the dedication and love of horses."

In 2015 Rory founded his own equestrian practice in West Sussex focussing on what he learnt with PJ whilst continuing to learn and stay ahead with the constant exchange of knowledge with renowned specialists. Rory has been fortunate to work with numerous riders at 5* level at nations cup for their country. He has also had riders win numerous local championships with team and individual medals and winning at 3*, 4* and 5* grand prix. 

The practice is entirely built for the dedication and love of horses. The human-horse relationship has remained familiar over centuries and due to the horses capability to carry a human individual that has perhaps the greatest impact on their relationship with man. 

Our Goals

  • Unearth sub optimal performance issues before they become a problem and halt the equine athletes’ career.
  • Provide the best of services to improve the horses way of life therefore way of moving. 
  • Communicate with objective, fact based knowledge to educate our clients for improved longer term wellfare of the horse. 

About Rory O'Shea

Rory O’Shea grew up in West Ireland in a farming environment with a family that prioritised education and wanted what was best for their family. Surrounded by animals, he discovered his passion for working with horses and wanting to help achieve optimal health for our athletes. After completing his studies at Dublin University in 2011 Rory began practicing with PJ McMahon which advanced his knowledge in Sporthorse medicine and Lameness.

"Success is seeing your riders doing well and that you are having sound and happy horses."

Rory O'Shea

The Team Behind the Team

After completing her degree in Equestrian Sport Coaching at Hartpury, Francesca groomed in many countries, worked as an equine retail assistant as well as coached and competed in Dressage and Eventing. She is here to help with your queries and organise your appointments!

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