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Rory Lunging


The equine veterinary practice that can come to you!
The practice is always up to date with state of the art therapy and regenerative methods that can Be personalised to each and every horse. Through examinations and consistent communication we will provide optimal care for our patients. 
All devices can be used anywhere, so the care and treatment of your horses can be carried out at your stable at clinic level. Furthermore, our devices are suitable for flying therefore allowing treatment, diagnostics and purchase examinations can be carried out worldwide without issues. 


Lameness and performance assessments

A standardised examination that initial information is taken from the handlers of the horse. The vet will analyse the horse in its environment identifying any issues at a standstill such as heat, pain and muscle wastage. Finally a dynamic evaluation takes place. This involves a walk and trot up including flexion tests, lunging on hard and soft ground then a ridden test.

Pre-puchase examinations Initial Consultation

A pre-purchase examination aims to assess the horse’s health and to check that the horse fulfils the physical requirements of the intended purpose. As no horse is perfect, it is not simply a matter of approval or rejection. An attempt is made to make a correct as possible risk estimate of the abnormalities found. 




An ultrasonographic examination is mainly used to obtain images of the soft tissue such as ligaments, tendons and muscles using ultrasonic sound waves. It can also be useful to assess cartilage or bone surface. Another important application of echography is the delivery of ultrasound-guided injections; using this method we can inject medication very precisely at the required location.


If your horse suffers from intermittent colic, weight loss, is he grumpy while riding or if there is a suspicion of stomach ulcers, then further examination of the digestive system is indicated.

The digestive system consists of the stomach and various parts of the intestines. The digestive system is examined with a gastroscopy (camera inspection of the stomach), a digestive examination, faecal examination and ultrasound examination.

X-Ray Imaging

X-ray imaging is used to create pictures of a number of bone pathologies such as arthritis, bone cysts, OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) and fractures/fissures. We have the most advanced equipment at our disposal; this includes a mobile wireless system and also an extremely powerful, fixed machine that is used specifically for the back and neck.

Upper Airway Endoscopy

If your horse suffers from a cough, nasal discharge, nosebleed or makes an abnormal sound during exercise, further investigation is indicated.

The upper respiratory tract (nasal passages, air sacs, throat, vocal cords, trachea) and lungs are examined with an endoscopic (camera inspection), ultrasound and/or radiographic examination. In some cases, a sample (tracheal wash or bronchoalveloar lavage) is necessary to identify the cause of the airway problem.

X Ray Machine



Orthobiologic therapy uses platelets or cells from your horses body to help with healing. Click each of the treatments for more information. 

Rehabilitative devices

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) 

A clinically proven treatment available for patients presenting primarily with chronic tendon disorders.

It's a noninvasive modality that uses sound waves to stimulate healing in wounds, ligaments, tendons and bony structures.

Shockwave therapy has been shown to: Recruit stem cells locally so that the healing is most like the original tissue (less scarring) Stimulate new bone growth. 

Internal Medicine

A horse can only function optimally if all organs such as the heart (blood composition and blood vessels), lungs, digestive system (stomach, intestines), skin, liver, kidneys, bladder, muscles and nerves are completely in order.

Laboratory Analysis

ROS Equine has all the equipment needed to perform a blood test. Your blood tests will be sent out and we will recieve all information requested to aid in your horses needs.

Upper Respiratory Tract and Lungs

If your horse suffers from a cough, nasal discharge, nosebleed or makes an abnormal sound during exercise, further investigation is indicated.

Liver, kidney and bladder

Liver, kidney and bladder problems are investigated with a blood test, an ultrasound and/or endoscopic examination.

Muscle Problems

Performance problems can sometimes be due to rapid muscle acidification. A general examination, blood tests, acidity tests and taking a muscle biopsy of the correct muscle provide valuable information about muscle problems.

The back of the car

Mobile Service

We understand that it is not always easy to come with your horse to a clinic. With ROS Equine Vets, we offer the best possible care to your horse at home! We have invested in two well-equiped practice vehicles with the best equipment. (e.g. mobile x-ray machine, ultrasound).

Our veterinarians can offer all of our services from our vehicles.

*Emergency Services*

At ROS Equine, we understand that having a horse isn't a 9-5 job. So we have 24h monitored phones in place if your horse has an emergency.

Call +441403791690 in case of an emergency, you will be transferred if outside of the hours of 8:30am - 5pm.

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