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ROS Equine is a fully equipped, dynamic, forwarding thinking equine sports medicine practice.

Mob:  +44 7391 713799

Tel: +441403791690

Improve your horses well-being

An Equine Sports Medicine ambulatory practice primarily caring for high level competition horses throughout the UK and Europe.


Your horse may be eligible for various forms of guidance with ROS Equine Vets. We will draw up a tailor made plan based on passion for the health and performance of your horse.



Internal Medicine

Mobile Service

Lameness, performance assessments, pre-purchase and diagnostic imaging.

Stem cells, Pro-Stride, PRP, Centrate, Alpha 2EQ and Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

Endoscopy, gastroscopy, fitness monitoring and laboratory analysis.

We can travel nationally as well as internationally and offer emergency services.

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